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The reason we use hemp seed oil, instead of other carrier oils, like olive oil or mct, is because we have a endocannabinoid system. That system controls receptors all over your body, which delivers messages on all sorts of body and neurological functions. In order to pass the blood brain barrier, you need the phytocannabinoids that are in hemp, black pepper and clove oil. These help pass the blood brain barrier, and allows you to get a better uptake and increased bioavailability.

The omega 3’s found in hemp seed oil keeps the endocannabinoid system supercharged so it can produce its own cannabinoids, because your body cannot produce enough on its own.

The black pepper increases oxygen flow, which also increases uptake and absorption. And the clove has a missing cannabinoid that those receptors need in order to unlock the system, that you won’t find in hemp. That’s the reason we add clove and black pepper in ours. They also have great antifungal and antibacterial properties as well.

The whole formula together is called ESP BALANCE, because it balances your body and create homeostasis. We add vitamin E, because hemp oil by itself is not stable, so this stabilizes the oil and extends shelf life. 

We believe so strongly in our product, that we are willing to offer 100% money back guarantee to anyone unsatisfied with their order! 


I also have not needed to use any other pain relief meds such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, let alone the opioids that were prescribed for me for my recovery from surgery, since starting the hemp oil. The hemp oil has given me so much more then pain relief though, as has given me hope. Hope that I will not need to go back on those terrible chemo meds with their horrid side affects.


The cbd oil has allowed me to stop 1 of my blood pressure meds, cut my other bp med in half and has allowed me to slowly ween off the prednisone. I'm at 12mg and started at 40 and couldn't get off them because it shut my adrenal system completely down. Now my adrenals are coming back to life and it's my hope to be able to stop the prednisone completely.

Tina B.

I started taking CBD oil to help me sleep and with overall pain management. I used to wake up multiple times throughout the night because my mind would always wander. However, since I started taking CBD oil, I hardly ever wake up during the night and my aches and pains are gone! It doesn't make you sleepy at all, just helps my mind stay calm so I can relax when I need to. Don't know what I would do without this stuff!! 

Spencer S.

Our Story

In late 2017, the State of Wisconsin approved and opened up licensure for Industrial Hemp.  Connoils, LLC, an experienced specialty oil producer and the grower and processor behind ESP BALANCE, applied and received our first licenses.  Growing Industrial Hemp is quite a challenge so in addition to our own greenhouse, we partner with the BEST ORGANIC Growers in the state, like Turtle Creek Gardens in Delavan, WI.  Optimally, we’re seeking a goal to achieve Demeter certification through biodynamically grown crops, with further research and development to understand the full potential of all the cannabinoids still being discovered in the hemp plant. 

Each lot we produce is 100% tested for potency, contaminants and integrity. 

Our goal is and always has been, to grow, process and sell the very best Bulk Full Spectrum Extracts and Phytocannabinoid Isolates like CBD, CBG and CBN.  In addition to that bulk, we sell our carefully thought out ESP BALANCE products to consumers like you. 


Connoils: Manufacturing and Distribution

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